1. What is FRS?
  2. What is CDC?
  3. Why BillGates sold its shares to Israel?
  4. What is 5 G and why it is getting so famous in Corona atmosphere?
  5. What is going on in UAE and Saudi Arabia?
  6. Why Imran said No Lock Down Completely?
  7. Why UK pm Borris Jhonson, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth get well soon from Corona?
  8. What will be new Coalition of Countries?
  9. What scientists and latest research says about Corona?

1- FRS:

Face Recognition System which is used in China , this technology used Hi Profile HD 360 degree multi function cameras fastest internet which connected to CDC Central Data Center, when camera focus on someone face CDC displays your all bio data, financial statements, ownership, automobiles, your social media accounts even your posts, your criminal history, name address, family bio data, travel history, medical history etc. Now China developed it to most state of the art quality limits which requires 5 G internet and now soon China will launch it. This all FRS was established with the help of Google and Microsoft. And China will use it in its projects in Pakistan. For every 2 Chinese, One Camera works around the clock.

2- CDC:

Central Data Center, is brain of FRS and it has all kind of data and information of every citizen where it is used.

3- Bill Gates sold its shares to Israel

Bill Gates sold its shares to Israel cause America, Israel and some European countries are now developing FRS and its CDC will be in Israel. During Corona Lock Down in USA and UK, their telecom departments are busy 24 hours in building 5 G towers and there are many videos viral about this. Amazingly we didn’t see any patient or dead body of any Corona victim from USA, really astonishing.

4- 5G:

Fifth Generation (5G) is most superior internet technology with which FRS and CDC works like speed of light.

Here 1 thing I want to mention another important point that America announced that he will roll down International Space Station in few years. Whereas China is busy to launch its own Space Station.

America and its partners are taking full advantage of Fearful atmosphere of Corona, almost all world is struggling to overcome on Corona and America and its partners are settling things for roll down China.

5- Saudi Arabia and UAE

Saudi Arabia and UAE facing worst economic crisis. Prices of properties in UAE specially Dubai decreased to 50 percent. Saudian decided to sell their oil to China at low cheap price as they announced it 2 rockets fired two days before targeting Jaddah and Riyadh but both rockets are destroyed in midway, the fighter jet who destroyed these rockets was Tornado fighter jet, and shoot down after few minutes of rocket destruction. No one knows that who and why it happens. No one knows actual casualties.

6- Imran said No Lock Down Completely

Pakistan, Sweden, Brazil and Turkey already know the preplanned game of full lock down that’s why Imran Khan denied it, whereas Tayyab Urdghan facing pressure from opposition for lock down.

Pakistan, Turkey, Sweden, Brazil and China stand on one side and all agreed on partial lock Down in most Corona infected areas.

America is trying to roll down Brazilian President and Brazilian President denied America and American policies.

Now you all understand the logic of partial and full lock down.

9- Scientists and latest research on Corona

Scientists and latest research on Corona revealed different theories.

On one hand scientists said that Corona is prepared in American and British bio labs and launched into Chinese sea food markets. Many American Scientists also accepted it.

While on the other hand research revealed that scientists found a virus, which is 87 percent similar to Corona Virus in Pengolin generally known as Aunt Eater. Here I want to mention it that China is most dynamic importer of Pengolin.

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